An Empty Chair Would Have Fared Better

Had an empty chair stood in for the President against Mitt Romney during the debate, I guarantee you that the empty chair would have scored at least 35% in this poll by CNN.

Liberals and their media lap dogs guffawed over Clint Eastwood’s empty chair speech at the Republican’s nominating convention.  Yet one thing was certain after Wednesday night’s first debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.  Laugh all you want, but an empty chair would have fared better under the withering assault that Mitt Romney unleashed.


An empty chair would not have been anywhere near as lost as the President was without his teleprompter.


An empty chair would not have made nervous jokes in desperate bids to hide its incompetence.


An empty chair would not have repeated the same lie over and over again.


An empty chair would not have looked defeated at every turn.


A CNN poll following the debate noted that just 25% of those who watched the wholesale dismembering of Obama thought The President won.  That’s the typical 25% I always talk about and who will support a liberal Democrat no matter what he does.  Obama could go out on live television, sacrifice a human child, and drink its blood.  This 25% would still support him.  This 25% would call anyone who was disgusted or who talked ill of the event a “racist” to circle the wagons.  This 25% would claim that what we saw was “taken out of context” and that we were too “stupid” to understand the real significance.


Had an empty chair stood in for the President against Mitt Romney, I guarantee you that the empty chair would have scored at least 35% in this poll by CNN.


The left completed melted down following the shellacking Obama received.  Chris Matthews berated the President for not watching how he and his fellow leftists on MSNBC deal with people who don’t fall in line with the liberal agenda.  Hint: Mr. Matthews shouts over them and doesn’t let them present the facts that contradict liberal unreality.


Al Gore blamed the altitude for Obama’s poor performance.  Yes, that’s right, it’s not Obama’s fault.  It’s not the fault of the failed ideology he adheres to.  It never is.


There was even scorn heaped upon the moderator of the debate, Jim Lehrer.  How dare he allow Mitt Romney to dominate?  Doesn’t he know that his job was supposed to keep Romney in line and let Obama win?  Oh, you can bet there has already been a memo sent out to Martha Raddatz (ABC News), Candy Crowley (CNN), and Bob Schieffer (CBS) detailing how things will happen from here on out.


And all this because the empty suit is inferior to the empty chair.

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