America’s Fascination With Weiner, Spitzer

Americans are so obsessed with fame and sex they are giving sleazy politicians like Weiner and Spitzer attention they don’t deserve, allowing them to return to public office, the last place these morally challenged guys belong.

You can’t scan the news lately without hearing about Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, their sex scandals and attempted comebacks. Both conservative and liberal news outlets are glued to covering the two fallen politicians. Everyone wants topsychoanalyze the cheaters. CNN found Spitzer so interesting they gave him his own political TV show after his prostitution scandal.

But why? What is so intriguing about a couple of liberal Democrats who cheated on their wives? At least one of them can’t seem to stop. After the married Weiner resigned from Congress due to “sexting” multiple women, he continued to engage in sexting with at least three more women. The madam who provided Spitzer with high-priced prostitutes, Kristin Davis, thinks Spitzer is still using them.

The two scandal-ridden Democrats are now trying to revive their careers in public leadership. Weiner is running for mayor of New York City, and Spitzer is running for New York City Comptroller. Incredibly, Spitzer’s former madam is also running for comptroller, as a Libertarian. Davis served four months behind bars for running the prostitution ring, while Spitzer was never prosecuted, even though he admitted hiring prostitutes.

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2 comments to America’s Fascination With Weiner, Spitzer

  • Larry

    Washington DC had the same fascination with Marion Barry…After watching a man-in-the-street segment on Fox News I can understand why young New York women are fascinated and attracted to these creeps…the over-used ” low information voters ” certainly applies here…I might add low morality, low IQ, and low self-respect…

  • BassBoat

    And you wonder why people have little respect for the media. Fox should be ashamed for the coverage that they have given these two perverts. Any coverage is wrong by the media. The only place for them is in section 7 of the newspaper, page 26, column 8, at the bottom and that might be a little too much. I expect more out of Fox but they are showing that they cover sleaze like the others. Sad…….

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