God Will Not be Mocked

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. ~ Abraham Lincoln America has forsaken her first love. She has finally, and fully, given herself over to a licentious Lotha… […]

Obama the Grinch?

Liberalism is the Grinch at work, not Santa Claus. The Grinch resented others who were joyful and happy. He could not stand the Whos down in Whoville who were minding their own business going to work, raising their families and helping each other at the… […]

Duly Noted – An Homage to the Past to Save the Future.

Invention is a means to overcome non-conforming facts. We like to ignore the forces that will determine our lives. The prize of shortsightedness is high for those that ignore the discernible trends. Frequently, what the unaware regards as a positi… […]

A Modest Proposal for Modern Times

My modest proposal for modern times is quite simple. I believe that we should have a tax on being a Democrat. The election didn’t go exactly the way that most Republicans would have preferred. Now many of them are stating that perhaps it is time… […]

We’re Not in 1980 Anymore

For months, conservatives have been likening the conditions of the 2012 presidential race to that which saw the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980. The American Spectator’s own Jeffrey Lord proclaimed that President Obama could be beaten handily “because… […]

The Future of Republican/Conservative Politics

Governor Romney, I fear, made the same mistake – he believed it was about the economy, as did most of those in his camp, and in the process they missed the nuanced tones of culture, demographics and ground game politics that wound up shaping the results… […]

Obama’s Post-Election Regulation Avalanche

The Obama Administration’s first term has been terrible, and unilaterally tyrannical. […]

Third World Corruption and the 2012 Election

Obama has introduced a level of corruption to government more suggestive of where he spent his formative years, Indonesia; or that other Third World place, in which he cut his political teeth, Chicago. One characteristic of Third World nations is… […]

I am Embarrassed to be an American Today

Today I am embarrassed to be an American who can not understand my own countrymen. […]

Green Bay Bishop Warns “Cafeteria” Catholics‏

The Christian values professed in the church pew on the weekend, ought to be the same values considered in the voting booth on a given Tuesday. Anything less is spiritual apathy or worse. […]

2012 Election Fable

There’s no difference between the two parties. […]

The “Best Revenge” And The Worst Of Economies

Those who support the President’s re-election are to seek revenge on others. That’s quite a directive from the President of the United States. […]

The politically motivated, wrongful prosecution of Rick Renzi

New AG Sessions and Congress Must Investigate DOJ Corruption in the Case of Rep. Rick Renzi
Rick Renzi Puts Together Top Legal Team to Appeal Hidden Evidence of FBI Agent's Corruption
Judge Unbelievably Refuses to Grant a Retrial for Former Rep. Renzi Despite Finding Rampant Prosecutorial Wrongdoing
Bombshell: New Evidence Reveals Prosecutor Corruption in Trial Against Former Congressman Rick Renzi
Time For a Congressional Investigation: Shattering New Developments of Corruption in Rep. Renzi Trial
Judge Unravels Illegal Activity by Prosecution That Ensured a Conviction of Renzi — But Will he do Anything About it?
Former Congressman Renzi Deserves a New Trial
SCOTUS Turns Down Former Rep. Rick Renzi’s Appeal of Legal Assault

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