The U6 – The Scary Side Of The Unemployment Numbers

The unofficial unemployment rate is much higher than 7.8%. The numbers don’t lie. We’re not better off. Happy days are here again! After four years of trying, unemployment finally dropped below the rate considered to spell doom for President Obama.… […]

Mugged – Conservatism’s Favorite Blonde Gadfly Is At It Again

This book should be mandatory reading for anyone contemplating a class in “Afro-American Studies” after which, they will know why the course is a waste of time. The election of the first “Black” president was supposed to usher in a new, post r… […]

Duly Noted – Repeating History

Toleration does not moderate radicals: it incites them. It is a common place that history does not repeat itself. As so often, this shibboleth panders to a partial truth. Indeed, history does not condemn us to bear its repeat performance. It is the… […]

Even the Liberals Couldn’t Find Anything Good to Cheer about after the First Debate!

I hate to tell the Kool-Aid drinkers that the debates will not get better for Obama. Killing Osama was a nice gesture. But bragging about it globally has only fired up the Al-Qaeda terrorists. The first Presidential debate was fun to watch. 67 % of t… […]

Can We Legislate Morality?

All legislative actions enforce someone’s view of morality on society. […]

Why America Rejects The Latest “October Surprise”

Considering how willing the entire Obama cabal has been to defraud, distract, and deny the horrible realities of Benghazi and the rest of the Middle-East for most of the past three weeks, does it seem at all unlikely that they would likewise create a ph… […]

Obama Treating Women Like Breeding Animals

The primary issue Obama is concerned about for women is also society’s primary concern about feral cats and wild animals: preventing them from breeding. […]

My Answer for Lloyd Marcus

Blacks should not support Obama simply because he is black. […]

Government Motors vs Free Market Ford

A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are several that tell the $82 billion auto bailout story a whole lot better than the Barack Obama Administration has. […]

Vulture Capitalism: Get Big Bird Off of Welfare

While Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are rolling out big ideas on taxes, entitlements, and deficits, Barack Obama is clinging to his toys like a frightened child, which very well may be what he is feeling like after his recent trip to the woodshed. […]

Obama Isn’t Intelligent Enough To Be In The Same Room with Romney

The liberal media can’t protect Obama anymore. […]

An Empty Chair Would Have Fared Better

Had an empty chair stood in for the President against Mitt Romney during the debate, I guarantee you that the empty chair would have scored at least 35% in this poll by CNN. […]

Is Redistribution all its Cracked up to be. How Fair is it Going to Be for You?

Even though Governor Romney pays about $4 million to charities including the government, Obama does not think that is enough? I like the idea of redistribution. If Obama was going to take a Billion dollars from Bill Gates and give it to me and my f… […]

Supreme Court Shocks Life into Obamacare Challenge

The High Court shocked the legal community by opening its new term with an order giving the Obama Justice Department just 30 days to respond to Liberty Counsel’s petition for rehearing. […]

Another ‘Non-Partisan’ Group Goes Hard Left…Again

The New America Foundation’s left wing connections. […]

Secret Service Must Investigate Obama Credit Card Fraud

There are Federal Laws making it “illegal” to accept “foreign campaign contributions,” yet Obama just took in almost $200 million, most of it from overseas donors. The FEC must immediately investigate the source of these overseas funds. The Obama… […]

Public Unions Steal our Taxes

Every time a public union worker gets a raise it comes from taxing the private sector. Is it any wonder that private sector workers don’t want to give public blue collar union workers or teacher union workers a raise when it comes out of our pockets? … […]

The Real Barack Obama

On October 3, 2012 we finally saw the real Barack Obama, unprotected by the media or by an incompetent opponent. When Mitt Romney initiated what some observers are calling the “Mile High Meltdown” of Barack Obama, there was only one thing that this… […]

Duly Noted – Imbecilities: Unintended But Knowingly Committed

Small items to illustrate a big subject. 1. Morality for us and for them. Our guides who yield a moral monopoly like to appeal to our principles regarding an unqualified tolerance for diversity. This is done, even if society suffers from the crimi… […]

When did Communism become an American Dream?

What we see happening today didn’t begin with the election of America’s first fraudulent Muslim Marxist in 2008. The truth is, global leftists didn’t believe they could leap to this final stage until 2016 and neither did anyone else. However, the Americ… […]

Romney Needs To Articulate His Plans For Dealing With Interest On Our Debt

Something that I have not heard Mitt Romney utter a single word about is what he is going to do, not if, but when we are required to start paying people more to take on our debt. So, here we are. It is four years after “Hope and Change”. That sloga… […]

“Mainstream” Media Making A Desperate Last Stand?

Imagine how devastating Barack Obama’s “You didn’t build that” comment would be to his reelection efforts, if the nightly news anchors had delivered it with even a fraction of the fervency and outrage with which they relentlessly excoriated Mitt Romney… […]

Do We Want Mr. Nice Guy as President?

Even though Romney came across as the more likable candidate in the debate, the media is still portraying Romney as the mean candidate. Watching the debate on Wednesday, I truly can’t imagine Barack Obama having come off as the more likeable candidat… […]

What Romney Must Do

Some friendly advice for the Republican nominee. […]

Clint Bolick and the Goldwater Institute Quietly Transforming the Country

You may never see the Goldwater Institute on the news talk shows, and that is one of the reasons why it is so successful. Humbly flying under the radar, it has accomplished possibly more for freedom and liberty than any think thank in the country. W… […]

The politically motivated, wrongful prosecution of Rick Renzi

New AG Sessions and Congress Must Investigate DOJ Corruption in the Case of Rep. Rick Renzi
Rick Renzi Puts Together Top Legal Team to Appeal Hidden Evidence of FBI Agent's Corruption
Judge Unbelievably Refuses to Grant a Retrial for Former Rep. Renzi Despite Finding Rampant Prosecutorial Wrongdoing
Bombshell: New Evidence Reveals Prosecutor Corruption in Trial Against Former Congressman Rick Renzi
Time For a Congressional Investigation: Shattering New Developments of Corruption in Rep. Renzi Trial
Judge Unravels Illegal Activity by Prosecution That Ensured a Conviction of Renzi — But Will he do Anything About it?
Former Congressman Renzi Deserves a New Trial
SCOTUS Turns Down Former Rep. Rick Renzi’s Appeal of Legal Assault

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